Deluxe Suite – $195
Exclusively on Sunday
August 20, 2017

Rate is for two persons.


Sunrise Suite – $179
Exclusively on Sunday
August 20, 2017

Rate is for two persons.


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  • Recycling of glass, paper, aluminum cans, and corrugated cardboard is completed by staff daily.

  • We serve locally-roasted, organic coffee.

  • Parking spaces available with dedicated Level 2 (50 amp) charging stations for electric vehicles. We also offer dedicated Level 1 (110 volt) charging stations.

  • Rooms feature locally-made natural soaps that are 100% vegetable-based, and use no packaging.

  • Our internet-enabled sprinkler system automatically adjusts run times based on tomorrow's weather forecast and today's humidity and rainfall.

  • Maintenance staff uses tools which are 100% powered by electricity: lawnmowers, leaf-blowers, and string trimmers are rechargeable meaning that no gasoline is used on property. No fumes to breath or noisy, inefficient two-stroke engines to disrupt your stay.

  • All the electricity on property is purchased from the City of Ashland's Hydro plant. Hydropower is fueled by water, so it's a clean fuel source, meaning it won't pollute the air like power plants that burn fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas.

  • Our goal is to use only environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. The products we use ship in concentrate form and recyclable packaging, reducing packaging by up to 90% and saving valuable landfill space. Our everyday cleaning products meet the stringent Green Seal GS-37 criteria, U.S. Green Building Council standards, and/or the U.S. EPA's "Design for the Environment" recognition program. On occasion, our housekeepers may resort to traditional products for special cleaning.

  • We offer guests the choice of receiving all receipts and documents via email.

  • Rain barrels collect water for use in our award-winning gardens.

  • We use recycled materials whenever possible, right down to the doormat outside your room which is made from 100% recycled rubber.

  • We use organic fertilizers and plant foods throughout our property.

  • We use a peppermint-based mixture to deter deer from munching on our flowers.

  • When we do print, we print only using an environmentally responsible typeface that reduces our use of ink and toner by 30% when compared to typical typefaces.

  • Quiet, energy-efficient heating & air conditioning systems.

  • Our office practices the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy.

  • Room amenities such as shampoo and hand lotion are dispensed from elegant nickel-plated hand pumps, sparing landfills from thousands of plastic bottles per year.

  • Our salt-water pool employs a saline system that eliminates the need to manufacture, transport and store heavy 'pool-chlorine' type chemicals and instead uses only pure natural salt from the ocean - and then re-cycles that salt indefinitely.

  • Our pool features beautiful tilework made of recycled glass.

  • We use computers to intelligently adjust the heating and air conditioning in unoccupied rooms to minimize our environmental footprint.

  • We print on recycled paper that is FSC certified and endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance.

  • Our use of plastic bags is greatly reduced by our adoption of recycled paper products in their place.

  • LED lighting is used in 100% of our lighting. This includes our historic and iconic sign, all interior lighting, exterior fixtures, water features, and landscape lighting and it uses 90% less electricity than conventional lighting.

  • A mixture of LED and compact fluorescent lighting is used in guest rooms, though we are phasing the CFLs out and are only purchasing LEDs for replacement purposes. The CFL bulbs use 75% less electricity and last up to 7 times longer than conventional incandescent lighting.

  • Our housekeeping staff will gladly exchange towels left on the floor for fresh ones, while allowing guests to re-use towels found hanging on the rack.

  • Our energy-efficient web server consumes just 19 watts of electricity.

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